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HEPA Strainer

- Jun 13, 2017 -

HEPA Particulate air filter (HEPA) is one of the hottest technologies used in air purification. The standard HEPA filter can absorb 99.7% of the 0.3 micron suspended particulates (0.3 microns is the most difficult to filter the size), but its wind resistance is relatively large, generally very little used in the air purifier, the actual air purifier manufacturers claimed that the HEPA is actually not the real HEPA its filtration efficiency than HEPA slightly lower, the wind resistance is relatively low. Whether the real HEPA or propaganda of the HEPA is to make the air intake more fresh and clean. The filters absorb chemical fumes, bacteria, dust particles and pollen, which are filtered through the air purifier and do not have these contaminants in the air.

The advantage of HEPA filter is that it is effective and safe, and it is the most important technology to remove particulate contaminants in air, but the disadvantage is that only the suspended particulates can be filtered and the harmful gases cannot be filtered. The use of HEPA air purification has a good airtight design, otherwise the air will be around the filter net and lose the filter effect.

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