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Working principle

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Air purifier is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter and other systems, and its working principle is: the motor and fan inside the machine make the indoor air circulate, the polluted air can be cleaned or adsorbed by the air filter net of the machine. Some models of air purifier will also be installed in the outlet Negative ion generator (the work of the negative ion generator in the negative pressure generated by DC), the air is constantly ionized, resulting in a large number of negative ions, by the breeze fan sent out, the formation of anion flow, to achieve clean, The purpose of purifying air.

Purification principle of passive adsorption filtration type (filter net Purification Class)

The main principle of the passive air purifier is to use the blower to pump air into the machine, filter the air through the built-in filter net, which can play the role of filtering dust, peculiar smell, poisonous gas and killing some bacteria. and filter mesh is mainly divided into: particulate filter and organic filter. The particulate filter is also divided into coarse-effect mesh, and fine particulate filter.

The quality of the fans and filters of such products determines the effect of air purification, the location of the machine and the layout of the interior will also affect the purifying effect.

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