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Wet-inertia Filtration maintenance

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Wet inertial air filter consists of central tube, oil pool and so on, should pay attention to in use:

1. Regular cleaning of oil pans and replacement of oil. The oil should be changed to moderate viscosity. The viscosity is too large, easy to plug the filter screen, increase the intake resistance; viscosity too small, oil adhesion dust ability to reduce, while the spilled oil is easy to be sucked into the cylinder to participate in the combustion, the formation of carbon deposition.

2. The oil level should be moderate in the oil pool. The oil shall be added to the upper and lower notches of the oil plate or to the arrow sign. The oil surface is too low, the oil quantity is insufficient, the filtration effect is poor, the oil surface is too high, the oil is overmuch, easy to be inhaled the cylinder burns, and may cause "the rook" the accident.

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