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The main role of air filter

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The engine in the work process to absorb a lot of air, if the air is not filtered, the air suspended in the dust is inhaled into the cylinder, will accelerate the piston group and cylinder wear. The larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder, causing a serious "pull cylinder" phenomenon, which is especially serious in the dry and sandy working environment. air filter installed in the carburetor or into the front of the trachea, to filter the air dust, sand particles, to ensure that the cylinder into the full amount of clean air.

In the car's thousands of parts, the air filter is a very humble part, because it is not directly related to the technical performance of the car, but in the actual use of the car, air filter has a great impact on the life of the car (especially the engine). On the one hand, if there is no filtration effect of air filter, the engine will inhale a lot of dust, particles of air, resulting in serious engine cylinder wear; On the other hand, if in the use process, the long time does not maintain, the air filter's filter will be filled with the dust in the air, this not only causes the filtration ability to descend, but also will hinder the air circulation, causes the mixed gas to be too thick and the engine work is not normal. Therefore, the maintenance of air filters on schedule is essential.

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