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Selection strategy

- Jun 13, 2017 -

First, the use of the environment and the effects to be achieved should be considered. General Indoor Air Pollution: 1, dust, viruses, bacteria, molds and insect mites and other allergens, 2, can be inhaled organic volatile gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc. 3, the formation and construction of decorative materials released radon and its daughters caused by radioactive contamination. Therefore, the use of air purification products, should consider its functions and results.

Secondly, the purification capacity of air purifier should be considered. If the room is larger, the unit time should be selected to purify the air cleaner with larger airflow. In general, larger purification capacity of the purifier, for example, 30 square meters of room should choose 120 cubic meters/hour air purifier. The selection can be referred to samples or brochures.

Third, the service life of the purifier should be considered, and the maintenance is simple. If some products as a result of the use of filtration, adsorption, catalytic principle of the purifier with the increase in time, filter the air purifier in saturation, the purification capacity of the equipment is reduced, the need to clean, replace strainer and filter, the user should choose a renewable capacity of the purification filter gall bladder (including highly efficient catalytic activated carbon) to prolong the service life; some electrostatic products do not need to replace the relevant modules, as long as the regular cleaning.

Finally, the room pattern should be considered in combination with the purifier. Air purifier Import and export wind design has a 360-degree ring design, but also one-way.

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