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Dry-inertia Filtration maintenance

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Dry-type air filter by dust cover, diversion, dust, vacuum cups, such as composition, maintenance should pay attention to:

1. Check and clean the dust removal holes on the centrifugal dust cover, remove the dust from the guide plate, and pour the dust in the dust (the amount of dust in the container shall not exceed 1/3 of its volume). The installation should ensure that the sealing of the rubber gasket, there is no leakage phenomenon, otherwise the air short circuit, reduce the speed of the rotation, so that the effect of dust removal greatly reduced.

2, dust cover, diversion should keep the correct shape, if the bump should be timely plastic, lest the airflow change the original design flow and reduce the filtration effect.

3, some drivers to the collection of dust cups (or dust collector plate) refueling, this is not allowed. Because the oil is easy to splash to dust, diversion pieces and other parts, so that the site adsorption dust, will eventually reduce filtration separation capacity.

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