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Dry Filtration-Filter Maintenance

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Dry-type air filter consists of paper filter and sealing washer, which should be noted in use:

1, regular inspection, the correct cleaning. Clear the paper filter dust, the application of soft brush along the seam direction to brush the surface of the filter dust, and gently tap the end of the dust off. In carrying out the above operation, the application of clean cotton or rubber plug on both ends of the filter to compress the air blower or pump (air pressure must not exceed 0.2-0.3MPA to prevent damage to the filter paper) from the inside of the filter to blow air, to blow away the surface of the dust filter.

2, do not use water or diesel, gasoline cleaning paper filter, otherwise the filter pores are blocked, increase air resistance, and diesel easy to inhale the cylinder, resulting in overspending "rook".

3, when the filter is found broken, or filter, the lower end of the surface, or rubber seal ring aging deformation, damage, should be replaced new pieces.

4, installation, should pay attention to the joint parts of the gasket or sealing ring should not be leaking or wrong, lest the air short circuit. Element butterfly nut do not tighten too tightly, to prevent the pressure of the filter.

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