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Personal Air Purifier

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Traditional air purifiers due to the constraints of volume and power cord, usually we want to move them all feel particularly strenuous, more impossible to carry. However, in the face of increasingly serious air quality problems, seeing the harsh winter haze situation has arrived, do we only dwelling at home to avoid the haze damage to us?

It is said that there are 3 million premature deaths caused by haze each year, which is equivalent to 6% of the avoided deaths in the world. It is estimated that the tragedies will show signs of doubling by 2050. In the outdoor we encounter haze can only use masks as much as possible to filter the harmful substances on our body caused damage, but in the outdoors for a long time matching masks is not a sure way.

BIGWHITE air purifier to make this vision into reality, portable personal mini air purifier now at your fingertips.

personal air purifierpersonal air purifier

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