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Natural Air Purifier

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The test shows that the crystal gypsum lamp is a natural air purifier, with volatile anion, adsorption of impurities in the air, shielding electrical harmful rays and other environmental functions. Singular is that during the day, it shows a completely natural stone texture, simple, rustic, thick, emitting a strong natural atmosphere and quaint and mysterious amorous feelings; at night, it has become a warm atmosphere of the magician, pure white such as the crystal gypsum ore, revealing the light of the soft and tranquil; orange crystal plaster lamp, revealing the red light is a mood master, lit, romantic atmosphere around the endless.

It should be noted that most brands of purifier in the sales promotion will exaggerate its role, some of the purifier claims to be able to "effectively capture" dozens of of particles. In the face of a wide range of market brands and complex functions, consumers have a sense of smoke and mirrors. To this end, experts remind consumers in the inability to screen product function, you can choose when the brand has guaranteed products, or according to product sales to choose. [2-3]

The National Air Purifier defines the air purifier as "a device for separating and removing one or more contaminants from the air." A device that has some ability to remove contaminants in the air. Mainly refers to the room used in the monomer air purifier and central air-conditioning ventilation system in the modular air purifier.

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