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High Voltage Electrostatic Dust Collection

- Jun 13, 2017 -

The use of high-voltage electrostatic field so that the gas ionization so that the dust particles charged to the electrode on the Dust collection method, the wind resistance is small but the larger particles and fiber trapping effect is poor, will cause discharge, and cleaning trouble time-consuming, easy to produce ozone, forming two of pollution.

"High-voltage electrostatic dust Collection" is a way to ensure that both the air volume and the fine particles can be adsorbed. This is in the particle through the filter core by loading high voltage to make it live, so that the particles under the action of electricity "easy to adsorb" to the filter on the way.

The high voltage electrostatic precipitator was originally applied to two electrodes, which were electrified by the dust at the time of the bipolar discharge. Most of the dust is inherently neutral or with a weak charge, so the filter can only filter dust larger than the mesh. But the mesh that shrinks the filter will cause obstruction. High-voltage electrostatic dust Collection mode can be charged, under the action of electricity, adsorption to the special processing, permanent-charged filter, so even if the filter is large (thick), it can actually capture the dust.

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