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Are there air purifiers with reusable filters?

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Yes!  Air purifier is an appliance that has many filters fitted inside that help in removing dirt and allergens found in the air. These high-end filters are superior in quality and can be readily washed. Some individuals are of that point of view that washing these filters at home will again release the allergens back into the house.

Nevertheless, you can also buy a filter and replace it with the existing one, once every six months. People who cannot afford buying the filters can try washing it at their homes. What I usually do is, open the home air purifier, and remove the filter that gets clogged with molds, algae, hair and other dirt. I soak them for a couple hours in a super-hot detergent solution.

Once the filter gets clogged, we need to wash and clean it. However, it all depends the type of home air purifier you have. Because many of the latest air purifiers nowadays come with non-removable filters, it is advisable to inquire about the same before buying an air purifier for your home. However, most of the air purifiers though are fitted with washable filters. By washing the filter, you are just increasing the air purifier’s life span.

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