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This Necklace Wearable Ionizer Electronic Air Purifiers is suitable for normal indoor spaces like at home and offices. a great number of anion is emitted. Irritants can cause various symptoms of discomfort, respiratory problems and allergic responses. It can help to remove dust and other airborne particles that carry irritants or contaminants such as harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and dust. This product is good for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, hay fever and other respiratory problems. It is super compact in size with weigh only 29 grams. You can breathe fresh air with this Mini Portable USB Wearable Personal Air Purifiers anytime, anywhere.

Product Details

Necklace Wearable Ionizer Electronic Air Purifiers

Brand Name: BIGWHITE

Model Number: BW132-15 personal air purifier

Power Source: Electrical

Type: Negative Ion, Small best portable wearable usb ionizer air purifier china

Installation: necklace

Certification: CE

Capacity (CFM): 10

Power (W): 3

Voltage (V): 3.7

Current: 10mA

Net Weight: 29g

Place of Origin: Anhui, China (Mainland)

Anion output: more than 3.0million pcs/cm3 @10cm

Anion body size: 43*43*18.7mm

Colors: Rose Gold air purifier

Keyword:necklace air purifier

Power supply: USB charger

How to use: personal

Function: Clean Air

Sample: available

Advantage: direct manufacturer

Company: factory / manufactory

Packaging Details: 660*360*360 mm 50pcs 17.5kG 

Delivery Detail: 15-25days

Product introduction:

 Four leaf clover portable production device is a high-performance negative ion air purifier, it can remove --- bacteria, smoke, pollen, dust and other polluting micro-particles; Four leaf clover portable purification device is highly efficient portable air purifier, hanging neck wear, easy to carry. Working to form an invisible air filter barrier, it can dispel the elimination of your chest more than one cubic meter around the head of small pollutants.

The characteristics of the product:

The unique appearance design, miniature wearable air purifier - lead the new trend of intelligent life;

Mute technology - add comfort, from worry, energy conservation and environmental protection;

Small volume, built-in lithium battery, can use the USB line recharged, carry convenience;

A small product, personal necklace ,easy to bring up , purify indoor and car air, multipurpose;

All life without consumables ,one-time investment for all life.

Product function:

Active neutralization and remove dust, pollen, smoke - PM2.5, micro particles, secondhand smoke pollution;

Carbon fiber transmitter release a large number of negative ion, and it neutralization reaction with carries a positive charge of germs, lose bacteria protein activity, to kill the germs;

Release the negative oxygen ion high concentration (3 ~ 5 million) -- - "air vitamin", make our breathing more comfortable, more pure and fresh air.


The usage of the product:

Products can be worn on the neck, can also be placed in a nearby table, chair or bedside table (spread the accessories , the effect will be better);

Product for touch switch mode, pick up the product, the text is in the positive direction, thumb touch cover text below the center position, time last 1 second or so, power on, cover around the blue 5 seconds periodic breathing cycle. Repeat this action power off, lights off.

The charging method of product :

Use the belonging charging cable for power charge, one end of the cable plug to the product on the charging interface, the other end plug into the USB interface (5 V 1 A charging head), and then put the plug into to AC100-240V socket, when product charging the red light is light up, after a full charge the red light off, green indicator on;

When the product is charging, Blu-ray 1 second flashing, fully charged, the blue light. Blue light every 5 seconds during work breathing cycle.



Certification : ISO9001/ ISO14001/CE/ CQC/ROSH

Packing: Normally packed in

Delivery date:        Sample order7~10days,bulk order 15~25days

(other OEM or ODM orders need to recheck before place the order)

MOQ: 50pcs

Supply Ability: 1000,000pcs/month

Payment Term: T/T, or others for negotiation

Samples Offer:  offer free samples in reasonable quantity for customer quality checking. For small charged sample order, we would like to return in bulk orders.

Samples arrangement: Samples will be send ASAP if in stock, some OEM samples need 10~15 days to send out.


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