Personal Air Purifier

The personal air purifier is a purifier with a safe shape, comprehensive functions, high efficiency filtration, quiet and low noise, and wide purification. Our personal air purifiers are easy to carry, so you can enjoy fresh air anytime, anywhere.
The air purifier has a static eliminator that releases the ions in the air, effectively forcing bacteria, allergens, and dust to become inactive. The low-noise design, even in the middle of the night, the ultra-low running sound of the purifier will not disturb the rest of the adults and children. Personal air purifiers do not need to purchase additional transformers, plug and play, support USB, car, pluggable notebook.
When you get tired one day, you can choose the favorite essential oil and put it into the embedded essential oil tank according to your own state. The built-in evaporator will make the fragrance completely surround the whole room in about ten minutes, so that the tired thoughts and body and mind will be completely relaxed.
Zeilo is one of the best manufacturers and also a leading supplier of personal air purifier in China. We now bring a great selection of safe, highly efficient, professional and portable personal air purifier, all in line with the highest standard as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO14001 SGS, CE, ROSH, REACH, CQC guidelines. Welcome to wholesale the quality air purifier from us.