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Shanghai Zeilo electronics Co.,Ltd has focused on top quality air purifier products for over 15 years in China.We started as a trading Company, but now we have our own factory. now have become one of the leading suppliers in car & room & personal portable air purifier business in China.
Today, Shanghai Zeilo electronics Co.,Ltd has been one of the top producers of high air purifier products, such as: car air purifier, room air purifier, personal air purifier, air cleaner and air fresher, ozone air sterilizer…



  • Clover air purifier

    A necklace that can breathe,
    ● Fully charged in 2.5h
    ● work 24H after full-charge
    ● USB charging
    ● metallic finish
    ● 29g of weight
    ● Remove secondhand smoke


  • Shell car air purifier

    ● Reduce PM2.5
    ● Remove formaldehyde and benzene
    ● Remove odors and sterilize,
    ● Intelligent purification
    ● Fast charging
    ● Long standby time

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  • Tulip car air purifier

    ● Remove the smoke and dust
    ● Ultra-silence
    ● Remove odors
    ● Plug and play
    ● Sterilization
    ● Fresh driving